deborah baca
TV Tray 1TV Tray 2TV Tray 3TV Tray 4TV Tray 5TV Tray 6
Set of six TV Trays on Wall Street Journal Newspaper. Mixed media, mounted on linen.

Meant to be shown in sets;
TV Trays, 1 through 6, or
TV Trays, 1 through 3, or
TV Trays, 4 through 6.

Growing up, I recall six TV trays stacked in the corner of our family living room. We never used them. In July of 2005 Gerry Thomas, the innovator of the TV dinner, died. Someone wrote about how his TV dinners supported the feminist movement; “Though convenient, TV dinners changed the way families related to one another and to food.” I read that Mr. Thomas never made money on his TV dinner idea. After many years at Swanson, he left and became an art gallery director in New York. My family always ate dinner together at the dining room table. I wish we had used the TV trays.