deborah baca

'Miniature Events' series focuses on poignant experiences clustered together in 7x7x2.5" diorama time lines. A force to realize, recall, or comprehend human behaviors in relationship to my own vague memories of where and what I was doing at times perpetuates. Frustration from an inability to recall is roused by fascination in gathering research.

In my line drawings I create fictional profiles of both unnamed and recognized individuals; Sometimes I describe them through the objects I select that possibly stand in for aspects of their personalities.

In my assemblages, line drawing collages and constructs, I employ recycled objects, for the power associated with them to trigger thoughts and memories. Accompanying these potent objects are photos, line, paint, newsprint. In these compositions, intimate events are exposed, tales of peripheral characters come to life.

In Table Series, I work in unforgiving watercolor, and create a two-dimensional tableau incorporating common or familiar objects, to profile another artist. I am interested in how the use of common or familiar objects can flesh out a story.